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Анонс англоязычных изданий на январь.

Josef Mengele has come to symbolise both the evil of the Nazi regime and the failure of justice. Drawing on new scholarship and sources, David G. Marwell examines Mengele's life, chronicling his university studies, which led to two PhDs; his wartime service, in combat and at Auschwitz, where his "selections" determined the fate of countless innocents and his "scientific" pursuits resulted in the traumatisation and death of thousands more; and his post-war refuge in Germany and South America.
Mengele describes the international search in 1985, which ended in a cemetery in Sao Paulo and the forensic investigation that produced overwhelming evidence that Mengele had died-but failed to convince those who, arguably, most wanted him dead. This is a story of science without limits, escape without freedom and resolution without justice.

A new volume dedicated to the close range antitank fight by German tank hunters during the Second World War, with the treatment in particular of the actions carried out by the Waffen SS fighters and with the relative detailed list of the decorated with the Badge for destroyers of tank, with a brief biography for each of them.
A detailed review of the weapons used and fighting techniques, with the publication of official documents published by the command of the German Army for troop training. A large part is dedicated to the same Badge for tank destroyers, with information and photos of the various versions.
The complete translations of the two manuals 'Die Panzerfaust' and 'Der Panzerknacker' complete the work, with all the original pages in German and the relative translation in English. The volume is completely illustrated with hundreds of original b/w and color photographs and reproductions of manuals and documents of the period.
Solferino was the largest battle fought on Italian soil before the First World War, and the culmination of the 1859 campaign in northern Italy. Chiefly remembered today as the catalyst for Henri Dunant establishing the Red Cross, an up-to-date military account of the campaign is badly needed. In this tremendously detailed study the author, a lifelong student of the battle, reassesses the evidence based on an enormous amount of original archival research. Rather than relying on official reports and histories, which were often politically-driven, the author has gone back to the archives, and uncovered, for instance, the role played by cavalry and artillery during the campaign. Decision on the Mincio is supported by an array of illustrations, highly detailed maps and orders of battle.
A gripping memoir written by a 96-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor about his escape from Nazi-occupied Poland in the 1930's and his adventures with the French Resistance during World War II
Uses new methodologies, evidence, and topics to better understand ancient warfare and its place in culture and history
New Approaches to Greek and Roman Warfare brings together essays from specialists in ancient history who employ contemporary tools and approaches to reveal new evidence and increase knowledge of ancient militaries and warfare. In-depth yet highly readable, this volume covers the most recent trends for understanding warfare, militaries, soldiers, non-combatants, and their roles in ancient cultures. Chronologically-organized chapters explore new methodologies, evidence, and topics while offering fresh and original perspectives on recent documentary and archaeological discoveries.
Covering the time period from Archaic Greece to the Late Roman Empire, the text asks questions of both new and re-examined old evidence and discusses the everyday military life of soldiers and veterans. Chapters address unique topics such as neurophysiological explanations for why some soldiers panic and others do not in the same battle, Greek society's handling of combat trauma in returning veterans, the moral aspects and human elements of ancient sieges, medical care in the late Roman Empire, and the personal experience of military servicemembers and their families. Each chapter is self-contained to allow readers to explore topics in any order they prefer. This book:
Features case studies that examine psychological components of military service such as morale, panic, recovery, and trauma
Offers discussions of the economics of paying for warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds and why Roman soldiers mutinied
Covers examining human remains of ancient conflict, including interesting photos
Discusses the role of women in families and as victims and addresses issues related to women and war
Places discussions in the broader context of new wave military history and includes complete bibliographies and further reading suggestions
Providing new material and topical focus, New Approaches to Greek and Roman Warfare is an ideal text for Greek History or Roman History courses, particularly those focusing on ancient warfare, as well as scholars and general readers with interest in the ancient militaries.
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