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[sticky post] О себе.

Зовут меня Бирюк Сергей, я занимаюсь исследованиями по истории Русской армии 1877-1917 г.г.  Работы ведутся  с использованием документов из  РГВИА, ГАПО  на свои собственные средства. Основной интерес - второочередные части. Преимущественно пехота. Есть желание описать их все, но в силу ограниченности ресурсов упор делается на описание их боевого пути в Русско-японской войне. Второе направление - описание боевого пути частей дислоцировавшихся в Псковской губернии накануне Первой мировой войны, включая развернутые по мобилизации и сформированные из ополчения. Это пехотные полки: 93-й  Иркутский, 94-й Енисейский, 96-й Омский, 269-й Новоржевский, 270-й Гатчинский, 272-й Гдовский, 413-й Порховский, 414-й Торопецкий. Также есть интерес к частям носящим наименования по географическим объектам Псковщины: 11-й Псковский и 12 Великолукский, 544-й Себежский пехотные и Псковский драгунский полки. Другие мои интересы: книги (собираю военно-историческую библиотеку), бодибилдинг, пауэрлифтинг, футбол, автомобили, личные финансы, иностранные языки
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Panzers in Berlin 1945 is a study of German armor during the Battle of Berlin in April and May of 1945 and is the first book to examine the role of Panzers in this final battle.This 392-page book is lavishly illustrated with 360 mostly unpublished photographs that take the reader from the retreat at Seelow to collecting wrecks from central Berlin. Years of painstaking research and a network of like-minded researchers from across the globe have enabled the authors to piece together the who, where, and why, including lists of wrecks documented by the military government in the immediate post-war period.In addition to informative text and hundreds of photos, many pages include a QR code - just point your smartphone camera at the code to show the scene today in Google Street View, while a separate map shows Berlin as it was in 1945 and plots the locations of the wrecks.To complete the coverage, acclaimed military artist Felipe Rodna has created sixteen pages of exquisite specially-commissioned artwork.
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One of the most colorful characters in the Napoleonic pantheon, Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher (1742-1819) is best known as the Prussian general who, along with the Duke of Wellington, defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. Throughout his long career, Blücher distinguished himself as a bold commander, but his actions at times appeared erratic and reckless. This magnificent biography by Michael V. Leggiere, an award-winning historian of the Napoleonic Wars, is the first scholarly book in English to explore Blücher's life and military career--and his impact on Napoleon.
Drawing on exhaustive research in European archives, Leggiere eschews the melodrama of earlier biographies and offers instead a richly nuanced portrait of a talented leader who, contrary to popular perception, had a strong grasp of military strategy. Nicknamed "Marshal Forward" by his soldiers, he in fact retreated more often than he attacked. Focusing on the campaigns of 1813, 1814, and 1815, Leggiere evaluates the full effects of Blücher's operations on his archenemy.
In addition to providing military analysis, Leggiere draws extensively from Blücher's own writings to reveal the man behind the legend. Though tough as nails on the outside, Blücher was a loving family man who deplored the casualties of war. This meticulously written biography, enhanced by detailed maps and other illustrations, fills a large gap in our understanding of a complex man who, for all his flaws and eccentricities, is justly credited with releasing Europe from the yoke of Napoleon's tyranny.
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Аврора", "Варяг", "Аскольд", "Богатырь", - звучные имена крейсеров Российского Императорского флота означают не только героические вехи нашей морской истории, это и шаги в эволюции бронепалубных крейсеров. Родоначальником же всей цепочки кораблей, выстроенных на рубеже XIX- XX веков, стал неприметный на первый взгляд крейсер "Адмирал Корнилов".
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В американском архиве нашлись немецкие авиафото с поля боя.
Так сказать очернение грязными лапами буржуазных фальсификаторов продолжается.
Статья здоровая. Выводы можно почитать на немецком. https://www.welt.de/geschichte/zweiter-weltkrieg/article196544633/Rote-Armee-1943-Fotos-beweisen-Kamikaze-Angriff-russischer-Panzer.html?fbclid=IwAR0Zz7K3WsfJmQcg7hru9zZS1FXxhu08rBoSpzEGAFrF0uqNZFaZzhq9Oic Камикадзе-атака... 
Britain's Greatest Warship recounts the story of Ark Royal and her `people', from the laying down of her keel in 1943 and her first commission in 1955, through to her decommissioning in 1979 and her scrapping in 1980. Ark Royal played a crucial role in the development of Royal Naval fixed-wing aviation and pioneered the concept of carrier-borne VSTOL aircraft. She saw extensive service during the 1960s and '70s, a time that witnessed many significant changes not only in Navy life, but also in the way seapower was used as a means of projecting national influence worldwide.
Painting a vivid picture of life on board a class of Royal Navy warship that has now gone forever, the author brings the story of the `Ark' alive using interviews and first-hand accounts. These range from former officers and crew, including admirals, captains and ship's company, to aircrew of the embarked Fleet Air Arm squadrons and the shipyard workers who built the `Ark'.
Fully illustrated with a rich selection of rare photographs, this book is sure to appeal to all with an interest in the Royal Navy and its warships.
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Анонс Вече на июль.

Тайны великих царств. Понт, Каппадокия, Боспор
Автор:Станислав Чернявский.

Три великих царства - Боспорское, Каппадокийское и Понтийское - в научном мире представляются в разной степени загадочными и малоизученными. Первое из них находилось в Северном Причерноморье и образовалось в результате объединения греческих городов на Керченском и Таманском полуостровах со столицей Пантикапеем, нынешней Керчью.
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Пехота Российской Империи 1877-1917

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